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COVID-19 what has changed at HMCC

In an effort to keep our patients informed with the recent changes in regards to COVID-19 or Coronavirus, I wanted to send out a brief email outlining what has changed at HMCC.Dr. Barnett has completed a certification program offered by the Council on Extremity Adjusting and has become a Certified Chiropractic Extremities Practitioner (CCEP).  Dr.Barnett is one of 1200 extremity specialists worldwide.

There has been a lot of "excitement" the past few weeks over this gift sent to us by the folks in China called coronavirus, Wuhan virus, or COVID19. It is important to keep things in perspective and to make decisions with good information as it becomes available. I want to make you aware of some important key things.

This type of coronavirus (there are many types of coronavirus strains that we know of) is a particular fast spreading virus, however, for most people it is mild to moderate in the way it affects them. Many people affected may not even realize they are sick.

It can be quite serious however, even deadly at times for certain individuals. It is these individuals that need medical intervention to be able to survive the infection. If you or loved ones are over the age of 65, have complicating factors such as diabetes type I & II, Cardiovascular disease, other circulation disorders, pulmonary (lung) diseases, or are immuno-suppressed in any way you are at higher risk and if you feel you have been exposed or start to come down with symptoms you should get tested.

The Federal and State governments have put several precautions into place to slow the spread of this virus and minimize the burden on our healthcare system. The virus is here, and it is going to spread, at this point it is a matter of slowing the spread so that those who need medical intervention can get the care they needed without issue. Social distancing is the academic word used to describe the practice of avoiding large gatherings of people. It is wise to adhere to these recommendations as much as possible to minimize your risk.

Common sense practices such as covering our mouth and washing hands should always be followed but now it is more important than ever.

At Hamilton Mill Chiropractic Center we are making a few minor changes you may notice when you come in. We have not altered our hours or our schedule at present. We like to keep our waiting room as empty as possible and I usually only see 4-6 patients an hour any way. We are not your typical chiropractic patient mill.

While our treatment tables are wiped down regularly between patients, we will be wiping down all surfaces including doorknobs and counter tops at more regular intervals. You may see the use of personal protection equipment by the Doctor and our staff as precautionary measure as well.

We ask that our patients that are not feeling well please reschedule their appointments.

In a time of so much fear it is important to remain calm and know that fear and panic are not productive emotions and it is better to be calm and informed.

This is a link from the CDC as far as guidelines you can follow to help slow the spread of this virus.

In a time of so much fear it is important to remain calm and know that fear and panic are not productive emotions and it is better to be calm and informed. In the meantime, spend time with your families, get outside in the fresh air and sunshine, eat healthy and try to relax. If you have any questions regarding this topic please feel free to call the office or feel free to email us at