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When You Are Injured

Getting in even the smallest fender bender can have long term implications to your health. It is important to get it checked out as soon after the accident as possible to help in the healing process. Cars are very big and heavy and when you combine that size with any sort of speed as a multiplier, you get a lot of energy. That energy has to go somewhere, that usually means part of that energy goes into the occupants of the vehicle. This transfer of energy often results in soft tissue damage and poor joint function. Injuries such as: whiplash, disc bulges, disc protrusions, ligament sprains and swelling can all occur along with knee pain and jaw pain. At Hamilton Mill Chiropractic in Dacula, GA we can get you on the road to recovery by aiding in the healing process through soft tissue therapies and adjustments. It is so important to get in to see us shortly after the accident, so we can assess the level of damage and start the corrections early in the healing process. We can work with you, with your attorney, or your insurance company to get you closer to being whole again


If you are a legal professional and have questions on how we work with insurance and attorneys please give a call.