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The Joy of Pregnancy

August is National Breast Feeding Month

The joys of creating and growing a human for mothers are often dampened by the rigors of pregnancy and the stress that it puts on a woman’s body. Some complaints from pregnant patients are low back pain, hip pain, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, and other aches and pains. These come about because of the physiological changes associated with pregnancy, as well as the biomechanical and gravitational changes caused by pregnancy. Chiropractic care for a pregnant woman is safe and effective in helping to ease some of the challenges of pregnancy.

While all chiropractors have some training in treating pregnant patients, advanced training with this special population gives Dr. Barnett a larger repertoire and increased experience in this area.

hamiltom mill chiro webster method

The Webster Technique

The Webster technique is a highly specialized approach to aid the mother’s body in situations where the baby has not rotated to a head down position. The chiropractor skilled in this technique never make contact with the baby, but rather adjusts the pelvis and sacrum and uses releasing techniques on soft tissue to give balance to the tone of the uterus and give the baby the best possible environment to turn. This technique is very specialized for breech or transverse lie situations and has a good track record of success.