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Spinal decompression therapy is the use of mechanical traction to stretch the spine. Our machine uses a gentle intermittent pull to stretch the muscles around the spine, creates space making space between the vertebrae in the joints of the spine known as the disc. Decompression therapy can be used for disc herniations of the neck or low back, and has shown the ability to reduce the size of disc bulges or herniations. This stretching motion will help to rehydrate, and nourish diseased or injured discs, occasional treatments may also help to maintain a healthy spine.

It is also very good for sciatica, generalized low back or neck pain, and remobilization of the joints in this area. Spinal decompression is not for everyone so a consult and exam must be performed before hand. This therapy is gentle and effective and has been used for decades as a non-surgical treatment of back problems. We have found that combining decompression with chiropractic adjustments can be very effective to relieve many back and low neck complaints in a short amount of time.

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